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Catherine is an accomplished and talented musician herself which is invaluable as she is always enthusiastic, taking time to explain technical aspects whilst making it fun and enjoyable. I feel I have improved and fallen in love with the violin all over again, this is in no small part due to Catherine. I consider Catherine a good friend as well as a superb teacher.  Lizzie.

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I received my violin as a Christmas present in 2011. I had never held a violin before I met Catherine, but I always dreamed of playing one.


The first steps were difficult and frustrating, however Catherine has always been extremely patient and enthusiastic. I think those 2 components, her patience and enthusiasm, helped so much and WE managed to pass grade 1 exam with merit with the first 6 months, and now almost two years later I have moved through grades 2 and 3 and currently preparing for grade 4.


Catherine is also very good at creating this comfortable and supportive environment, which ultimately helps you to move from noises and scratches to something amazing - music...

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